Bill Spade

Paul Degl, aka Bill Spade shares his racing career with photos from Islip and Freeport Speedways.

It was quite a few years ago when Paul Degl visited California and had me scan these photos from his personal collection.

Billy Spades' 1st Modified. A 1937 Ford Flathead with
3 Carbs. That was a Heck of a Promo shot in 1947
at Freeport Stadium, N.Y.

A 1937 Plymouth with Chevrolet Power. Bill was the owner and driver of this car in 1957-1958.

The 1st win for this car. Bill also won the Modified Championship at Freeport Stadium with this car.

A 1938 Plymouth with Corvette Power. This Modified owned & driven by Bill in 1959-1963 won 3 Championships at Freeport.

The #515 was owned by Artie King and driven by Bill in about 1960 at Freeport Stadium.

A 1934 Chevrolet 230 cu. in. 6 cyl. with Dual Carbs on a homemade manifold. It was also the first of the trademark #15 Gold Leaf Numbers with Turquoise Paint

Bill in his #15 Open Cockpit Modified at Freeport Stadium.

1935 Chevy "Humpback" with a 340 cu. in. fuel injected Chevy on a 1954 Chevy chassis. 1st year at Islip Speedway in 1969

Bill zooming by the packed grandstands at Islip Speedway. Bill wrote,"At work or Fun"?

Bill ran this #15 "Humpback" coach at Islip Speedway that featured NASCAR Modifieds.This car won its heat race the first time on the track.

Same Coach with the "Hump" gone in 1970 at Islip Speedway

It looks like I stretched this photo, but I didn't! This real low 1935 Chevy Coach had some new colors. The fans nicknamed it "The Hearse" It had a 350 cu. in. Chevy motor on a reversed Scout Chassis and ran at Islip Speedway, New York

The 15X with an experimental 400 cu. in. small block Chevy with dual carbs. "It ran Great, till it continually blew head gaskets" Thats Jim Hendrickson on the outside in a Pinto Modified. Bill wrote, " I Won this time, for a Change"

This is the same car as above with a Big Block Chevy Motor and back to the familiar turquoise color with gold leaf #15.

A 1969 Corvair with a 454 cu. in. Chevy Motor. " It did have full fenders and a hood for a while and I didn't like it, so I sold it after about 8 races", said Bill Spade. He went back to the Coach. 1973

Bill wrote, "Everyone was going to late style bodies. I installed a Gremlin body on the old chassis, but I liked the Old Coach better. It had Class! The Gremlin had a lot of gold leaf and a 440 Chevy motor by Dennis". This car was sold to Bruno Brackey and numbered 71.

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