Restoring The Bug

Raced in the 1960's by Charlie Jarzombek at Riverhead Raceway...
Charlie went on to race NASCAR Modifieds at Islip Speedway in 1968...

The Bug was driven in 1968 by Joe Krukowski who won the Modified Championship
at Riverhead Raceway, NY... In 1969 the Bug was taken apart with the Rear End and
more assorted parts ending up in the Offset Coupe. The Chassis was thrown away and
the Body ended up at the Himes Museum for many years. Harold Seaman got the Bug
Body Panels from Marty Himes and started the restoration around 2004 and then
traded Rick Jarzombek the "Bug" for the "Chevette". Rick Jarzombek completed the
restoration in the summer of 2009. The Bug returned to the track on July 18th, 2009 for
the Baldwin, Evans, and Jarzombek Memorial race at Riverhead Raceway, NY....

Photos were taken by Eileen Jarzombek and Walt Newcomb

The Bug

The Bug at the Jarzombek garage after Harold Seaman had started the restoration...

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