Jarzombek Farms
Aug. 2008 - A tour of the Jarzombek Garage
where "The Bug", The Offset Coupe", "Jaws",
and a few other Winning Modifieds were built...

August 1st, 2008 - Home Heating Oil Delivery Trucks are parked outside the Jarzombek garage

Charlie & Rick Jarzombek Inc.

The heating oil trucks are numbered in memory of Modified drivers...
The #3 for Fred DeSarro...

The #8 for Jim Shampine

The #61 for Richie Evans

The #1 of Charlie Jarzombek

Charlie also drove the Wilsberg #5 Modified

The #7NY of Tommy Baldwin

The #76 for John Blewett III
The paint was still wet when I shot this photo as Rick Jarzombek was getting this new truck ready...

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