Restored Race Cars
These Photos were sent in over the past 2 years.
"Race Cars of Yesterday" that have been re-done
to "Race Ready Condition Today".

Richards replica of Jackie McLaughlin's #026 '37 Ford
Coupe at Bridgeport NJ Speedway in 2000
Photo Sent in by Richards

The Boehler #3 Coupe driven by Bugs Stevens & Fred DeSarro
Photo Sent in by Ray Rossi, Greg Sacks Fans Site

The #5 Coach from the Garden State Vintage Club
owned & restored by Ray Shea
Photo Sent in by Ray Shea

The #61 Richie Evans Coupe
Photo Sent in by Jim King / Pops' Racing Site

The former Tom Baldwin Coupe. Now owned by
Ray & Nancy Shea of the Garden State Vintage Club.
Photo Sent in by Ray Shea

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