Paul Weisel Jr. and the Restored
#1 Harold Cope 1937 Ford Coupe

Bob Malzahn & the #1 Harold Cope Modified Coupe at Nazareth
Bob ran this car in the 1961-1963 Race Seasons...

The restored 1937 Ford Coupe, 312 Ford Y Block, 4 Barrel Carb.
Halibrand Rear End, Firestone tires, and Buick Brakes...

Paul wrote, "I've had a lot of fun running this car with the Atlantic
Coast Old Timers and showing it at many of the area car shows".

Bob Malzahn with Sam Batissa's #sSs...

Paul's #sSs Legends Car at Grandview Speedway in 1999
Note: Photo with the title at top of page is Paul's #1 Legend Car

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