Norman Pepper Restoring the #23 Modified
The #23 Modified ran on Long Island with
Lou Hennessy as the driver and later on with
Ed Brunnhoelzl Jr. at the wheel. Norman Pepper
recently found the car and started the restoration.

This is what the #23 Modified looked like when it ran
at Freeport Speedway, NY. Lou Hennessy
was behind the wheel.
This is how Norman Pepper found the car.

A little bit of rust on the roof.
Craig Doherty (left) with Norman Pepper as the #23
is in the garage and the work begins.

Body stripped and Norman starts the interior.
Some of the interior sheet metal put in place.

Norman fitting some interior pieces in the car.
The interior starts to take shape once again.

Fine detail on the interior panels.
With the interior done, the exterior panels are next.

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