Harold Smith & Kerry Viar from Virginia Restore
the #46 Coach Originally driven by Paul Radford

Kerry Viar sent this email with the restoration photos...

Hello Steve....Thought I'd send you a photo of my "pride and joy".
Harold Smith started it last September and finished it in May.
Harold was William Mason's chassis and body man from the 1950's
through the late 60's, He built the original #46. Harold continued to race
running his own #40 coupe after that,(it's on the trailer behind mine).
I was parts gatherer and money spender.

The only original parts left from this car were the hood (found behind
Mason's garage in February)and the seat.The last time Paul drove it he
went over the bank at Dublin,Va.(now New River Speedway)and into
the pond. It was scrapped after that and never driven again, although
Radford was leading the race when it jumped out of gear and into the pond.
This picture was taken at a car show last Saturday and Harold and Paul
both showed.That's Paul Radford driving (he actually took it for a lap
around the lot) and Harold Smith kneeling beside it.

It's a big block 37 Chevy Coach with 55 Chevy frame and 60 Ford
independent front clip, Frankland quick change, T-10 4 spd..
I figured you could run these then , If you think it qualifies as a rebuild
I'll send you the photos of Harold building it.....Thanks,Kerry Viar

Harold & Kerry got a Coach body from the Junkyard...
The Original Body and Frame are gone...

"Just A Little More Work Left"

1960 Ford Clip ready to be Welded to a 1955 Chevy Frame

Installing the Big Block

The "Humpback" was cut off the trunk

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