Butch Humphrey restores the #3k Modified
The #3k NASCAR Modified was originally driven by Mousey
Kempster at Islip Speedway, NY. Butch Humphrey tracked the
car down and started a complete restoration and currently
displays the car at numerous car shows every year.

This was the way Butch Humphrey found the #3K. It was sold and
re-numbered 77. The frame got bent in a racing accident and it
was then discarded in a woods and left to rust away.

You can tell the race car had been there a while.

The rusted rollcage and cockpit of the car. There were some ivy
vines growing inside amongst the evergreen branches.

The #3K now in the shop with a new frame and getting
the body lined up on top of the new platform.

The motor was set in and down bars
and front bumper welded in place.

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